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Narwhals on MY fingers??

Just when you thought fingers couldn’t get any cooler, comes FINGER NARWHAL PUPPETS. Impress your friends and family by poking them in the eye with a colorful narwhal! These rubbery-smiley puppets come in 5 different color: yellow, blue, green, red, and some other color that looks like pink or purple or something. I wouldn’t know […]

Q: When does the Narwhal Bacon?

There are five basic types of questions in the English language: Factual; Convergent; Divergent; Evaluative; and Combination. “When does the Narwhal Bacon” is the only question in existence that is all questions at the same time. When you rephrase the sentence, such as the follow, it makes the original question invalid and thus ruining everything: […]

BREAKING NEWS:  New narwhaling trend sweeps nation

First there was planking…but that was too confusing. Next there was owling…but that was too…owlyish. Now comes the trend that out-trends them all: NARWHALING! Narwhaling involves the use of a long to semi-long object held or attached to one’s face that is meant to represent a narwhal’s tusk. Once held/attached, photo evidence is usually acquired. […]

Name our new Reporter / Mascot

Our new narwhal reporter needs a name! Preferably something fishish, yet manly and professional at the same time. Yes, it is a man-narwhal even though its pink. >:( We live in a time of social equality therefore narwhals shouldn’t be judged on the color of their fins. Plus girls like pink. So submit your name […]

Draw a Narwhal!

Impress your friends! Be the talk of the town! Show your parents that you have amounted to something! By learning to draw a cute, loveable, ferocious narwhal you will be Mr./Miss Cool 2011. Send in your drawings when you finish and we will feature them on the site! Mail to: narwhalnewsnetwork@gmail.com Also, thanks to dragoart […]

Narwhal Facts: All about the Narwhal!

You may be asking yourself: “What is a narwhal?” or “What are narwhals?” or even incorrectly “What is a narwhale?” or the more wrong wrong wrong “What is a narwhall?” Well dear internet friend, first I say: Please learn to spell NARWHAL correctly! N A R W H A L Next, read all the narwhal […]

Google loves Narwhals!

So apparently February 8, 2011 was Jules Verne’s birthday and Google made a special interactive logo. Here’s a screenshot in case you missed it –>. Taking control of the…e-controls lets you explore the scary, watery depths of the Google homepage. It seems that Google has a Narwhal infestation because there’s not 1, not 2, but […]

Paper Narwhal Fun Time!

Print out and make your very own special paper narwhal friend! Be warned though…it’s kind of difficult to make, so take your time! Good luck! DOWNLOAD HERE! OR HERE!

Hunting Narwhals

A very special report on the hunting of narwhals from National Geographic. This article takes a close look on the epic struggle of Narwhal vs. Man. It tells of a group of Inuits from the north arctic that travel deep into the narwhal’s wintery, deady realm…from which most never return… http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2007/08/hunting-narwhals/hunting-narwhals-text

The new chicken of the sea?

Could narwhal be the new chicken of the sea?! Could narwhal replace tuna as the #1 fishy product??! If people like rubbery congealed gravy, then yes! Read more on this shocking prediction of the future…. http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/food/2009/04/23/eating-narwhal/

Bacon Chicken Narwhal!

In the mood for the delish flavor of narwhal, but none in your area? Well good news! The bacon chicken narwhal is here!. Made from bacon, chicken, and other stuff, this should satisfy your craving until you find the real stuff. Read this exciting blog to find out how to make your very own…http://bit.ly/WHKyb Or […]

Video of the elusive narwhal

Amazing footage of the narwhal in action! Check below to see for yourself…IF YOU DARE