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BREAKING NEWS: New narwhaling trend sweeps nation

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BREAKING NEWS: New narwhaling trend sweeps nation

August 9, 2011 admin 9 Comments

First there was planking…but that was too confusing. Next there was owling…but that was too…owlyish. Now comes the trend that out-trends them all: NARWHALING!

Narwhaling involves the use of a long to semi-long object held or attached to one’s face that is meant to represent a narwhal’s tusk. Once held/attached, photo evidence is usually acquired. Bonus points are awarded for unique locations and if narwhal sounds are made.

It is estimated that 7 out of 10 people will be narwhaling by 2013.

Chelsea Sampson from Mesa, AZ had this to say,

“Me and my father hadn’t spoken in 8 years. But as soon as he learned about Narwhaling, he called me up and invited me to his home. When I arrived, he was running around his front yard with a rake handle on his face yelling, ‘LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME I’M A NARWHAL HAHAHAHA NARWHALLLLL.’ I called the police and drove away. Now I remember why we stopped speaking.”

On the web, one site in particular has been set up to document this exciting movement: http://gonarwhaling.tumblr.com

For a how-to on narwhaling, detailed instuctions are here: http://gonarwhaling.tumblr.com/how-to-narwhal


Narwhal Products on the Web:

Narwhal + Unicorn = Narwhalicon

Narwhal + Unicorn = NARWHALICORN!

Narwhals have blowholes

Do Narwhals have Blowholes? Book

Narwhal Ring Holder

Narwhal Ring Holder

Epic Narwhal T-shirt

Epic 4 Narwhal T-shirt


9 Comments → “BREAKING NEWS: New narwhaling trend sweeps nation”

  1. Shelby 6 years ago  

    I liked narwhals before it was cool. BI <–SO HIPSTER.

  2. Lexie 5 years ago  

    Narwhals are freaking fantastic im so happy people are spreading the word about them! Save the narwhals!!

  3. trina 4 years ago  

    I was utterly supprised that my school was ignorant of narwhals, I carried around a petition one day to save the narwhals, and wore a horn and everyone was all like “why are you dressed as a unicorn?” and I told them that I was a narwhal, and that they should pay more attention to details before you make conclusions and that if they did they would notice my petition about saving narwhals, whales with horns (politely of course)and they were all like “oh,well bye, unicorn.” It was exasperating…

  4. lava fart90 4 years ago  

    narwhals narwhals

  5. dfg 4 years ago  


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