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Pictures of Narwhals (Part 1)

Here you will find nothing but the best, top-quality narwhal pictures the web. So sit back a be prepared to be amazing by these narwhal photos! Click on the images to view them bigger. Be patient because most are high resolution!

Jazzwhals (Narwhals + Jazz)

So what does the narwhal do when he’s not baconing at midnight or swimming in the ocean or being pretty awesome? He hangs out in the Deep Blue Jazz Club of course! A jazzed up version of the cartoon NARWHAL song you love, this remix will bring out your inner hipster fish…stuff. And since you […]

Narwhal Battle Royale (Part 1)

You won’t find any boring narwhal vs unicorn pictures here; only the most exciting, exotic, action-packed battles. This is the first part in a multi-part VS series. My money’s on Narwhal! NARWHAL VS SHARK NARWHAL VS MONKEY NARWHAL VS ALIEN NARWHAL VS BREAKFAST NARWHALS VS LIONS NARWHAL VS RAPTOR NARWHAL VS COWBOY OCTOPUS NARWHAL VS […]

Narwhals on MY fingers??

Just when you thought fingers couldn’t get any cooler, comes FINGER NARWHAL PUPPETS. Impress your friends and family by poking them in the eye with a colorful narwhal! These rubbery-smiley puppets come in 5 different color: yellow, blue, green, red, and some other color that looks like pink or purple or something. I wouldn’t know […]

Google loves Narwhals!

So apparently February 8, 2011 was Jules Verne’s birthday and Google made a special interactive logo. Here’s a screenshot in case you missed it –>. Taking control of the…e-controls lets you explore the scary, watery depths of the Google homepage. It seems that Google has a Narwhal infestation because there’s not 1, not 2, but […]

Hunting Narwhals

A very special report on the hunting of narwhals from National Geographic. This article takes a close look on the epic struggle of Narwhal vs. Man. It tells of a group of Inuits from the north arctic that travel deep into the narwhal’s wintery, deady realm…from which most never return… http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2007/08/hunting-narwhals/hunting-narwhals-text