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Cute Plush Narwhals Invade Internet!

Take a look around you. Something is missing… Something that would add a touch of class to your home/office/library/car. And by class I mean NARWHAL CUTENESS OVERLOAD! That’s right, I’m talking about handmade plush narwhals. And when it comes to handmade plush narwhals, nobody knows them better than The Ostrich Farm. Based out of Bend, […]

Narwhal: Murderous threat to wildlife?

According to the makers of the “Avenging Narwhal Action Whale Set” it certainly is true! An Accoutrements company rep has this to say: “On the northern Greenland coast, due to depleted fish supplies caused by humans and global warming, we see a scary new trend with the narwhals. They have begun to attack penguins, arctic […]