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Narwhals more at risk to Arctic warming than polar bears and the yellow-footed patypus reports say! Could this be the end of the narwhals!? Read the shocking news by the peer-reviewed journal Ecological Applications (and Fox News). http://www.foxnews.com/wires/2008Apr25/0,4670,ClimateArcticAnimals,00.html

Narwhal song and dance

Are you a internet user? Do you like internet narwhal stuff? Well then view this very special narwhal production showing just how wonderful these mammals really are. View and enjoy. BONUS LYRICS! Narwhals, Narwhals swimmin’ in the ocean Causin’ a commotion cuz they are so awesome! Narwhals, Narwhals swimmin’ in the ocean Pretty big and […]

What’s with those tusks anyway?

Jousting weapon? Evolved unicorns? Magical horn of mysterious power? Apparently not. Some scientist people spent years researching those fabulous tusks and came to a somewhat boring conclusion: It’s a big tooth! I’ll let the smart scientist explain in here in lots of technical detail…http://outside.away.com/outside/news/20051214_1.html Or here in a more simple version…http://animals.howstuffworks.com/mammals/narwhal3.htm Want to buy your […]

Narwhal: Murderous threat to wildlife?

According to the makers of the “Avenging Narwhal Action Whale Set” it certainly is true! An Accoutrements company rep has this to say: “On the northern Greenland coast, due to depleted fish supplies caused by humans and global warming, we see a scary new trend with the narwhals. They have begun to attack penguins, arctic […]