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Paper Narwhal Fun Time!

Paper Narwhal Fun Time!

June 8, 2010 admin 8 Comments

Print out and make your very own special paper narwhal friend!

Be warned though…it’s kind of difficult to make, so take your time!

Good luck!



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8 Comments → “Paper Narwhal Fun Time!”

  1. Nancy 10 years ago  

    Please give props to David Reinhold for the design of this “Narwhale”. Thankyou.

  2. admin 10 years ago  

    Sure! But first, who is David Reinhold and why did you put quotes around “Narwhale”??

  3. nmnbmnmn 8 years ago  

    narlwhals are so cool

  4. Anonymous 8 years ago  

    i hate whales let them die

  5. blooo fart 8 years ago  

    whale are epic you should die

  6. minecraftnarwhal 8 years ago  

    i cant open papercraft whale

  7. THE EPIC CREEPER 7 years ago  

    narwhal song

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