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Day: June 7, 2010

A group of narwhal hunters.

Hunting Narwhals

A very special report on the hunting of narwhals from National Geographic. This article takes a close look on the epic struggle of Narwhal vs.

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Narwhal equal to chicken

The new chicken of the sea?

Could narwhal be the new chicken of the sea?! Could narwhal replace tuna as the #1 fishy product??! If people like rubbery congealed gravy, then

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Bacon Chicken Narwhal ready to eat yummz

Bacon Chicken Narwhal!

In the mood for the delish flavor of narwhal, but none in your area? Well good news! The bacon chicken narwhal is here!. Made from

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Narwhal are so awesome

Narwhal song and dance

Are you a internet user? Do you like internet narwhal stuff? Well then view this very special narwhal production showing just how wonderful these mammals

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Narwhal up close

What’s with those tusks anyway?

Jousting weapon? Evolved unicorns? Magical horn of mysterious power? Apparently not. Some scientist people spent years researching those fabulous tusks and came to a somewhat

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