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Handmade Narwhal Jewelry!

narwhal silver ring

narwhal silver necklace

Being part of the staff here at the Narwhal News Network is very demanding work. All day is spent prowling the deep, dark recesses of the internet looking for whatever random narwhal subject the boss wants. And to be honest, most days are a blur of horns and fins.

But sometimes I come across something narwhaly that just lifts my spirit and makes my day. Something that makes working for minimum wage + free pizza Fridays worthwhile. And recently, I found an Etsy shop that is a plethora of narwhal goodness. That Etsy shop is wonderfully called HooticornCrafts!

Based out of Portland, OR, HooticornCrafts is fulllll of happy little bits of jewelry and art. Things like rings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Most being made from rock solid sterling silver and no cheapo plating or shoddy construction. Two of my favorites are:

  • Narwhal Ring – Adorable little narwhal cast in sterling silver with a light grey patina.
  • Narwhal Pendant – happy little guy that loves to swing from the chain with his little flippers!

And it’s not just narwhals. HooticornCrafts has many pieces of jewelry featuring my 2nd & 3rd favorite things: Dinosaurs and Robots! Hmm, I wonder if I can convince my wife that we should swap our wedding rings for a hugging robot ring or maybe a TRICERATOPS ring. Scratch that…I’ll just buy her a Stegosaurus pendant because it’s like a big armor-plated cat, and she loves cats.

Anyway, head over to HooticornCrafts’ Etsy shop and check out all the cool stuff they have!

triceratops ring

Stegosaurus necklace

robot ring

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