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Ice Cream Narwhals!

chocolate ice cream narwahl

pink narwhal ice cream ring

We here at the NNN consider ourselves experts on all things narwhal. And when we look back on the state of narwhals on the internet betwwen 2010 – 2012, few things will stand out more than bacon narwhals. And why not? They combine two things teens and man-children love more than anything.

Well bacon narwhal has run it’s course as things usually do on the internet. 2013 is here and the time has come for something new. Something that should have existed since forever but hasn’t. And of course I am talking about Ice Cream Narwhals!

A forward thinking artist and/or future-seeing wizard has come up with “the thing” that is about to take the internet by storm. A storm of yummy colorful sprinkles!! That artist is a young lady appropriately named Sprinkle‚ô•Chick!

She runs a little etsy shop that is full of hand-made ice cream narwhal products. Made from polymer clay, some of these include:

And it’s not just narwhals either! Made to order, some other of her products include Sprinkle Kitty rings, Elephant Sundae rings, Marshmallow Buddies, Brownie & ice cream ring, Sprinkle Pikachu, and other unique pieces of all sorts.

So, if you want to be able to tell all your hipster friends that you knew about ice cream narwhals before they were popular, head over to SprinkleChick’s etsy shop and buy buy buy.

Check her out here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SprinkleChick

chocolate narwhal necklace

narwhal figurine

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  1. How cute!!!!!!! The perfect match! Something yummy and something adorable!!!!! The ice cream being the yummy one. Defenitely something I would buy!!!!!!

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