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Pictures of Narwhals (Part 2)

Welcome back to another exciting edition of narwhal pictures! Grab a snack and be prepared to be amazing by these narwhal photos! Click on the images to view them bigger. And remember to be patient because most are high resolution.

narwhal water scene
In this pic some narwhals are enjoying a nice day at an icey beach 🙂
narwhals tusking til the death
Here we have some friendly narwhals engaged in some play activities. Or possible fighting til the death 🙁
narwhals heading towards some ice
In this cool pic there is a herd of narwhals headed towards a block of ice.
narwhal cool closeup
This narwhal closeup photo shows just how awesome narwhals are!
narwhals chilling in ice
Ice can’t hold the narwhals!
narwhal checking stuff out
In this photo, the narwhal is giving a nice smile for the camera 😀
There must be something interesting on the ice because the narwhals don't want to leave.
There must be something interesting on the ice because the narwhals don’t want to leave.
narwhal attacking
This was the last image the photographer ever took. You can image what happened next!
A group of narwhal hunters.
These manly narwhal hunters are enjoying a nice afternoon on the icy beach.
narwhal napping on ice
The narwhal is only napping, I swear.
narwhal surfacing
Here we have a narwhal surfacing to look for some stuff to poke.
narwhal migrating in group
I’m not exactly sure what is going on in this photo. It looks like the narwhals are smoking, but I just not sure…
narwhal herd
A famous photo of a narwhal herd.
diagram of the narwhal anatomy
A rare image showing the anatomy of the narwhal!
narwhal hunter spearing narwhal
Let’s just say that in this pic the hunter missed and the narwhal returned home safely to it’s family…
flying narwhal
narwhals swimming
I dunno, but there is something creepy about this pic.
double tusk narwhal skull
A rare glimpse at the double tusked narwhal.
narwhals attacking
This photo shows a group of narwhals in battle formation.

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