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Name our new Reporter / Mascot

Name our new Reporter / Mascot

June 9, 2011 admin 39 Comments

Our new narwhal reporter needs a name! Preferably something fishish, yet manly and professional at the same time.

Yes, it is a man-narwhal even though its pink. >:( We live in a time of social equality therefore narwhals shouldn’t be judged on the color of their fins. Plus girls like pink.

So submit your name suggestion here or on Facebook or whatever. WINNER POSSIBLE GETS A NARWHALISH.COM PRIZE.

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39 Comments → “Name our new Reporter / Mascot”

  1. kitty 10 years ago  

    ok i will propose a name!!

    what about NARWY!!

  2. Brandon Oake 10 years ago  

    Name it Steve.

  3. Leah Pinner 10 years ago  

    I think we should name is Nick or Nate(Nathan is fine too)

  4. Clint R. 10 years ago  

    Cornelius Warfield. Manly and professional, and Warfield means ‘field by the weir’, a weir being an enclosure built into a stream to catch fish. Oh, and Cornelius means ‘horn’.

    Or if you’re looking for something simpler, Marlin.

  5. admin 10 years ago  

    Whoa someone actually put some thought into it. I likes. CORNELIUS WARFIELD is currently in 1st place.



  7. Jennifer 10 years ago  

    Reginald McNippy for the arctic freezing habitat. Or Charles Salmon for his pinkish color (and its fishy.) Both are manly and fancy english names always sound professional. :D

  8. Melanie 10 years ago  

    Waldardo Narson

  9. Trevor 10 years ago  

    Norbert the Narwhal. an original name for an original creature!!!

  10. admin 10 years ago  

    Hmmmm more good names! Choosing shall be very hardish. :D

  11. Marquart 10 years ago  

    Is the contest still going? If it is, either Phineas D. Narwhal or Monodon Monoceros Narwhal. (Monodon Monoceros is the latin name for narwhal.) My friend Narwhal Bob came up with Phineas D. Narwhal.

  12. Kitty 10 years ago  

    I still say Norbert Narwhal. :)

  13. Rita 10 years ago  

    I think Hornwhalish would be a great name, it incorporates the horn and most of all your website! :D

  14. Bryan 10 years ago  

    Hal Warn if you are into anagrams.

  15. kyla 10 years ago  

    NORMAN :)

  16. Bankstersaur 10 years ago  

    Hornelius Fudge, like Cornelius Fudge from Harry Potter! :D

  17. Narwhal 10 years ago  

    Nartii! it fits! :D And it is a finnish name! :D

  18. Christine 10 years ago  

    Clearly his name should be Neptune the Narwhal

  19. Livibabes 10 years ago  

    His name should be NORMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Liv 10 years ago  

    Norm the narwhal or Mr. Fuzzykinz

  21. Me 10 years ago  

    How about “Stabby” :D :)

  22. Ellen 9 years ago  

    OO oo! Name him Ned the Narwhal!!!

  23. Awesome 9 years ago  

    Nickels the narwhal=perfect name

  24. Lexie 9 years ago  

    I agree with Clint. R! CORNELIOUS WARFIELD FOR THE WIN!!!

  25. Lexie 9 years ago  

    I agree with Clint. R! CORNELIOUS WARFIELD FOR THE WIN!!! I likey!

  26. Abby 9 years ago  

    I say name him Nelson, Nelson McNippy (thank you Jennifer)

  27. trina 8 years ago  

    I think that his name should be Cornelious Warfield too. I walked around school for a day dressed as a narwhal, and took around a petition to save the narwhals so, like, yeah. Happy thanksgiving everyone I love this site!

  28. trina 8 years ago  

    also, just as an FYI the picture of a supposed old “narwhal monster” I think that it is refering to a sawfish, as oposed to a narwhal, I don’t mean to sound like a smart alec, just a thought…

  29. Anonymous 8 years ago  

    Sir Newswhal The 2nd.

  30. Andrew 8 years ago  

    Dominick Wilfred Waterstone

  31. Carrie 7 years ago  


  32. Zion 7 years ago  

    The Toothriffic, Newstastic,non closterfobic, nedster the norwhal

  33. Jackson 7 years ago  

    Poseidon is a great name for a narwhal

  34. Sierra 7 years ago  

    Name him Nathaniel

  35. Garron 6 years ago  


  36. Anonymous 4 years ago  


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