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Pictures of Narwhals (Part 1)

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Pictures of Narwhals (Part 1)

February 27, 2013 admin 5 Comments

Here you will find nothing but the best, top-quality narwhal pictures the web. So sit back a be prepared to be amazing by these narwhal photos! Click on the images to view them bigger. Be patient because most are high resolution!

narwhal in ice

In this photo the narwhal came to the surface to say hello to the photographer!

narwhals swimming water

This narwhal pic has some friendly narwhals going for a nice icy swim

group of narwhals swimming

In this photo the male narwhals are going for a stroll to look for some fishys to eat.

narwhal pod swimming.

Here’s a group of narwhals going for a stroll.

narwhal unicorn of the sea

Here’s an excellent illustration show lots of cool facts about the narwhal. View it big for all the details

narwhal head and tusk

Ok so in this pic the narwhal lost it’s body. But it’s a good photo of the narwhal tusk.

Narwhal T-shirts

OK OK I’m just promoting my www.narwhalish.com t-shirts here. Don’t hate me.

narwhal herd

You better move of the way of this narwhal herd!

In this pic you can see the narwhal tusk up close and with lots of detail.

In this pic you can see the narwhal tusk up close and with lots of detail.

narwhal sizes

In this picture you can see the sizes of the narwhals compared to the dude in the boat.

narwhal fantasy photo

Here’s a fantasy narwhal pic that’s kinda weird yet pretty.

narwhal diving

Whoa check out this photo of a narwhal diving and with it’s long tusk/tooth.

narwhals on beach life magazine

An old illustration from Life magazine shows some narwhals chilling on the beach getting some sun. Nothing odd about that.

group of narwhals arctic

These narwhals are heading somewhere, so watch out!

narwhal life magazine

Here’s an old photo of some narwhal specialist doing narwhal science stuff.

narwhal swimming to surface

This narwhal picture is all dramatic and shows a narwhal in action

narwhal illustration

Old illustration of the narwhal plus some other fish.

baby narwhal with mother

This narwhal picture has a group of narwhals chilling with a mother and baby narwhal. SO CUTE AWWW

vintage narwhal monster

This old drawing shows the type of narwhal monsters that terrorized the seas

narwhals playing and/or fighting

These narwhals are playing or kissing or something. Or possibly in battle! Yeah that sounds more exciting.

narwhals on surface tusking

Narwhal images usually have them breaking the surface looking for stuff to poke

Narwhal Products on the Web:

Narwhal + Unicorn = Narwhalicon

Narwhal + Unicorn = NARWHALICORN!

Narwhals have blowholes

Do Narwhals have Blowholes? Book

Narwhal Ring Holder

Narwhal Ring Holder

Epic Narwhal T-shirt

Epic 4 Narwhal T-shirt

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5 Comments → “Pictures of Narwhals (Part 1)”

  1. admin 1 year ago  


  2. [...] a picture of male narwhals “tusking,” from the Narwhal News Network, which has a bazillion other narwhal [...]

  3. Sean Gallagher 5 months ago  

    Dear Narwhal News Network,

    My name is Sean Gallagher. I am a student at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse in La Crosse, Wisconsin. In my Biology class, there is a group assignment to make an informational webpage about a specific organism. The organism that my group selected was the narwhal.

    Because of the high quality images of narwhals on your website, we would like to use several of the narwhal images for our website. Our website will be available to the public and would remain online forever as part of a larger project at MultipleOrganisms.net We will provide proper citation and attribution of the photos. May we have permission to use the photos on our website?

    Your reply is greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,

    Sean Gallagher

  4. trina 4 months ago  

    I think that the “narwhal sea monster” was actually a sawfish… it looks like a sawfish, more so then it does a narwhal, don’t get me wrong I love narwhals so much I dressed up like one and took around a petition to save them, I just thought it looks more like a sawfish… I looove your website! SAVE THE NARWHALS!!!!!

  5. Shanique 2 months ago  


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