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Narwhal: Murderous threat to wildlife?

According to the makers of the “Avenging Narwhal Action Whale Set” it certainly is true! An Accoutrements company rep has this to say: “On the northern Greenland coast, due to depleted fish supplies caused by humans and global warming, we see a scary new trend with the narwhals. They have begun to attack penguins, arctic koalas, baby seals, and in some cases humans as a new source of food. We saw this as an opportunity to create a fun new toy, that the kids are sure to love.”

So buy one for yourself and recreate horrible happenings taking place in the arctic north!

Avenging Narwhal Action Whale Set

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Narwhal Ned is our lead reporter here at NNN. He enjoys uncovering the truth and making up lies to fit the facts.

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