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Narwhals on MY fingers??

Just when you thought fingers couldn’t get any cooler, comes FINGER NARWHAL PUPPETS. Impress your friends and family by poking them in the eye with

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Q: When does the Narwhal Bacon?

There are five basic types of questions in the English language: Factual; Convergent; Divergent; Evaluative; and Combination. “When does the Narwhal Bacon” is the only

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Name our new Reporter / Mascot

Our new narwhal reporter needs a name! Preferably something fishish, yet manly and professional at the same time. Yes, it is a man-narwhal even though

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Draw a Narwhal!

Impress your friends! Be the talk of the town! Show your parents that you have amounted to something! By learning to draw a cute, loveable,

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